Be Vape Free: Just the Facts Virtual Field Trip

Join us for a real-world virtual learning opportunity to get the facts on the vaping epidemic.

Be Vape Free: Just the Facts Virtual Field Trip

A Student Health Whodunit!

Inspire Vape Detectives to uncover the harsh truth about e-cigarettes for themselves in this exciting virtual exploration. Students will become E-cigarette Sleuths collecting shocking evidence that proves just how villainous vaping’s effects are on the brain, heart, and lungs. Immerse your class in the science of addiction by tracking vape aerosol right from the first e-cigarette puff all the way to the brain! A variety of real-world experts will join to help students make the case to protect their bodies and choose a life free from addiction.

Just The Facts: A Be Vape Free VFT Educator Guide

Virtual Field Trip Educator Guide

Give students all the clues they need to solve the mystery of the vaping epidemic using this companion guide. Find ways to connect important concepts to students’ everyday lives using key vocabulary, learning objectives, and activities for before and after watching the Virtual Field Trip.