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We invite you to explore CATCH My Breath, an evidence-based nicotine vaping prevention program with impact. Get started today by signing up for the CATCH My Breath Core Program Bundle, available for elementary school educators. Supplementary lesson bundles are designed to be interdisciplinary and can be incorporated into everyday classroom curriculum. Middle and High School resources are available at

Elementary School

Core Program Bundle

Introduction to the Risks of E-Cigarettes and Vaping

5th Grade
Four sessions, 30-40 minutes each

In this core bundle, students will identify the health risks of e-cigarette use, learn about the hazardous chemicals involved, analyze tobacco marketing tactics, and develop, practice, and demonstrate refusal skills. It is recommended that all schools deliver this core bundle as a minimum and supplement as desired with the additional bundles below.

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Supplemental Science Bundle
Science, Health

Risks of E-Cigarettes

5th Grade

In the Supplemental Science Bundle, students will dive into important questions such as, “what parts of the brain and body are affected by e-cigarette use” and “what harmful and toxic chemicals can be found in e-cigarettes.”

Supplemental Humanities Bundle
Social Studies, English-Language Arts

E-Cigarette Laws & My Community

5th Grade

In the Supplemental Humanities Bundle, students will explore how states are addressing the vaping crisis through legislation around the sale, purchase, and use of e-cigarettes. Students will investigate the evolution of their state’s laws & the purposes behind enacting those laws.

CVS Health Foundation Partnerships 

In addition to Be Vape Free, the CVS Health Foundation is partnering with best-in-class organizations to deliver the first tobacco-free generation. Explore these partners’ engaging resources that help students quit smoking and vaping, and that help to ensure that those who haven’t started, never will.

With a focus on behavior change, education, health, well-being, and social intelligence, the smokeSCREEN Game delivers an effective intervention to promote healthy lives for youth and young adults.

For more than 20 years, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has fought to protect children and save lives from the #1 cause of preventable death: tobacco use. These in-depth trainings help young leaders take their advocacy to the next level.

The Truth Initiative is America’s largest nonprofit public health organization dedicated to making tobacco use a thing of the past. Designed specifically for teens and young adults, This is Quitting is a free quit-vaping text message program that is one of the few resources available to young people.

The American Lung Association is leading the way in helping all Americans breathe easier. We are America’s trusted source for lung health education, lung disease research, support, programs, services and advocacy. Access resources to help create tobacco-free schools. is mobilizing young people in every US area code to sign up for a volunteer, social change, or civic action campaign to make real-world impact. The Hit We'll Take Campaign empowers young people to join the movement to make the next generation tobacco and vape-free.

The Tobacco-Free Generation Campus Initiative provides generous grants to accelerate and expand the adoption and implementation of 100% smoke- and tobacco-free policies on college campuses across the nation.

Catch My Breath

Be The First Initiative

Five years ago, CVS Health made the decision to stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products in all CVS Pharmacy locations in an effort to build an innovative health care company driven by a purpose — helping people on their path to better health. Since then, CVS Health and the CVS Health Foundation have launched a multi-year $50 million initiative called 'Be The First' to help create the first tobacco-free generation through advocacy, education, and healthy behavior programming. ›