Be Vape Free: Heroes Virtual Field Trip

Join us for a real-world virtual learning opportunity to get the facts on the vaping epidemic.

Be Vape Free: Heroes Virtual Field Trip

Real Heroes Busting Vape Myths

Give students the skills to say “No” to risky behaviors like vaping and empower healthy decision-making with this anti-vaping adventure. Meet diverse subject matter experts and teenage advocates who are harnessing their knowledge of the harmful effects of e-cigarettes to make a positive impact locally and beyond. Students will go inside the world of social media to explore how their decision-making regarding e-cigarettes can be influenced by others, while discovering strategies to avoid unhealthy behaviors. Inspire a new generation of health heroes by equipping students with tools they can use to help those who are addicted find the courage and support to quit.

Heroes: A Be Vape Free VFT Educator Guide

Virtual Field Trip Educator Guide

Introduce students to the influencers in their own lives and have them consider who and what influences their own personal health decisions using this companion guide. Find ways to connect important concepts to students’ everyday lives using key vocabulary, learning objectives, and activities for before and after watching the Virtual Field Trip.


Access the Core Program Bundle to complete the CATCH My Breath program. Using evidence-based and standards-aligned material, the Core Program Bundle teaches elementary, middle, and high school students the dangers of vaping.

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