With the CATCH My Breath evidence-based and standards-aligned classroom activities, educators have access to the best in preventative resources.

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Power your life-long health and well-being with self-led modules focused on refusal skills and the risks of e-cigarettes and vaping.

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Parents and Community

Learn the statistics and facts for the major health risks of vaping and start the conversation at home today.

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Virtual Field Trip Series

Be Vape Free: Heroes

In the fight against unhealthy habits like e-cigarettes, heroes come in all shapes and sizes! Teach students about the dangers of vaping with the help of dedicated subject matter experts and teen advocates in this empowering Virtual Field Trip. Students will find out how social media and other factors can influence their decision-making about vaping, while gaining practical strategies to overcome peer pressure and tools to help those who are addicted find the courage and support to quit.

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About Be Vape Free

The Be Vape Free initiative is a confluence of like-minded organizations who have joined forces to tackle the use of e-cigarettes among our nation’s youth through the creation and distribution of engaging content for grades 5–12 on the risks of e-cigarettes. By leveraging partner resources and working together as a collaborative initiative, we hope to keep students informed on the long-term health risks of vaping. Join our mission to provide educators and pharmacists with the tools to keep students informed in the classroom, and the evidence-based programs that will lead students to make healthy, smart decisions for life.

Be Vape Free